Original museum quality pieces featured Summer 2015

Mark Gonzalez       Artist Bio/Statement

Mark Gonzalez is a sixth generation native Floridian artist.  He was born in Tampa, FL.

Gonzalez  was educated at University of Florida + University of South Florida.

A lifelong love for photography has led Mark to the current mixed media style of art he has developed;  combining elements of photography + digitization; sketch, clip art, fractal geometry, collage & print to produce Gonzalez' signature style.

After 25 years as an executive in the music & advertising industries, Gonzalez reached a mid-life crossroad where he felt it vital to re-evaluate his future dreams & goals.

While visiting the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain in 2007, Mark made the commitment to follow his love & passion for photography + art; taking it to a new level as an artist.

Mark then commenced this journey, uploading thousands of favorite photographs taken throughout his life.  He then began teaching himself the art of digitization. These digitized photos created have become nucleus of the multi-layered, inner dimensional, surrealistic puzzles that are the work of Mark Gonzalez.

Gonzalez' art is defined within a complex interplay of explosive colors, kaleidoscopic psychedelic imagery & dense atmospheric textures converging into a visual experience deep in a deluge of exaggerated, redefined field of depth: Where images dissolve & morph as they navigate, combine & define universal patterns of the day.

His work is created in the ambiance of FotoMorphs Studio in Tampa, FL where it is showered in over 80 multi-colored LED lights, fueling the animation & life of Mark Gonzalez' unique art.

Mark is an active member of the Tampa Bay Art Community through charity work with his project “ART FROM MY HEART TO TAMPA BAY” where recently he donated over 30 pieces of his original works to Bay Area Charities.

He has been doing shows throughout the Bay Area since 2009.

 55 pieces of his work were on display in the VIP Lounge of the world renowned Mahaffey Theater in St.Petersburg throughout 2013.

Gonzalez presented his first solo show in September 2014: “Navigating the Kaleidoscope” at USF’s Centre Gallery, which featured 62 original pieces of his work. This multi-media show was thoroughly enjoyed by the students & staff of the University of South Florida.

The USF newspaper ”The Oracle’s” art critic gave a glowing, superior review to Gonzalez’                  ‘Navigating the Kaleidoscope’ show.


He recently completed a successful month long 2015 solo show, ‘THE SPACE BETWEEN’             at the beautiful art gallery in Carrollwood Cultural Center. Mark was especially honored to share 111 pieces of his work with fans, friends & family in the neighborhood he grew up of Carrollwood Village.                 This kinetic, multi-media presentation thrilled art lovers from ages 8 to 80 in the Tampa Bay Area.

Mark has proudly participated in Art Basel Miami 2012, 2013, & 2014.

Gonzalez strives to give viewers a compelling, striking, unexpected perspective of daily views; attempting to share the sense of a child seeing & perceiving a sight of new reality outside themselves for the first time.

 ARTIST STATEMENT:  "Create Every Day!    Art from the heart + soul can be seen & felt across the spirit of our universe:  Beyond all boundaries of borders & time.  I hope the function and flow of my work provide you soul soothing happiness & light through my shared vision."